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TS English Talk Game


Let's enjoy studying English conversation!sentences now become your knowledge just complete them by ordering their words simply in proper positions.● Learn the word order of sentences! - This is a game to complete a sentence, by clicking its component words in proper sequence. You can learn the expressions of conversations as you complete them. ● Convenient review! - You can read and listen to your cleared sentences again whenever you want at Favorites.● Check your score and level growing higher! - You can check your current score and level growth in various graphs.● Compete with people around the world NOW!- Support the World Ranking List for each language, so you can check how high your ranking is among the people around world. Let’s challenge to be the NO 1 in all languages. ● Do not worry about language exams!- You may improve your scores of TOEFL, TOEIC.
★ Main Features - Language sentence completion game. - Support Talk Game by category (Basic, Daily life, Business).- Support 5,000+ English sentence. - Support the native speaker’s voice in all languages. - Totally 250 game stages and provide special stages per five stages.- Support Favorites to review cleared sentences easily. - Support World Ranking Service, and various graphs for checking user’s skill growth.